User Interface - Overview

Novapoint Rehab uses three movable and re-sizable windows: Horizontal Map, Vertical Map, and Diagrams windows. These windows can be organized after the user's preferences. Novapoint Rehab also has predefined layouts for these three windows.

Horizontal Map

The Horizontal window shows the horizontal alignment of the project (current line calculation). The alignment can be shown in either a left-to-right direction, or orientated with the North direction pointing upwards on the screen depending upon the current view settings. The line calculation and its markers are color-coded - green for straight line, blue for transition curves, red for curves, and blue for chainage.

Vertical Map

In the vertical window, the vertical alignment of the project is shown (current line calculation). The alignment is shown as a graph with the chainage on the X-axis and the height (elevation, Z-value) on the Y-axis. The alignment is color-coded - straight elements are green and curves are red.


This window displays information to the user. The user cannot edit the alignment explicitly in the diagrams.

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