Drawing Generator

The existing plan and profile tools are replaced in the Drawing Generator menu. This will make the workflow to automatically create the plan and profile drawings more understandable. If you start with matchline drawing, continue with spreading the plan frames, then draw the profiles, you finally will be able the automatically draw the drawing layouts.

Use this function to generate a plan and longitudinal profiles for the corresponding plan.

The minimum requirements before executing the function are as follows:


Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Drawing Generator: Plan and Profile Layout Generator

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Drawing Generator > Plan and Profile > Plan and Profile Layout Generator

Command prompts for:

Select plan frame:

Select the plan frame.

Enter plan view name:

Define a name for the plan frame. Ex. Plan-1.

Select Profile frame:

Select the longitudinal profile corresponding to the plan frame selected.

Enter profile view name:

Define a name for the profile frame. Ex. Profile-1

The function exits after the plan and profile frames are selected and names are assigned. Repeat the function Autodraw Plan and Profile and select the next plan frame and corresponding profile and name as Plan-2 and Profile-2. Repeat the function until all the plan frames are selected.

Paper space

After selecting the plan frames, corresponding profile frames, and assigning respective names, activate the paper space (Layout).

To generate the next plan and profile drawing:

Repeat the same to generate the remaining plan and profiles. Users can rename the layouts as desired by them.

The plan frames in the model space cross each other and are drawn as a part of the plan drawing. The intercepted part of one frame is shown in the other frame. The easiest way to change this is to create one layer for each plan frame and freeze the other plan frame layers while generating plan and profile frames on the layout (paper space).

The grid will also be missing in the map/plan area.

Grid, frame, and titleblock

Go to model space, set the layer Plan-Profile-1 current. Launch the function Draw Grid Lines of the menu Novapoint Drawing Layout. Clear the check box Frame and mark the check box Title box. Command prompts for the three corners of the grid and the upper left corner of the title box. Pick the four points of the plan frame using the CAD snap modes. Draw the grid lines for the remaining plan frames.

To avoid the map or other objects being visible under the titleblock, the viewport for the plan frame must be clipped. Use the following procedure:

Repeat the procedure for all layouts.

Run the command Print of CAD, define plot settings, etc. Make sure that the plot is correct using the Full Preview option and click OK to obtain a printout.

Return to the model space after plotting.