Leader Annotation

Use this function to annotate (with a leader arrow) the description of selected symbols, lines, and areas that were inserted using Novapoint Landscape.


MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Annotation > Leader Annotation

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Annotation: Leader Annotation

MOUS_ICO Palette: Leader: 

Start the function and follow the instructions in the command line:

Select objects: Pick the symbol(s), for which leader annotation is to be inserted and finish with <enter>.

Insert First Point: Pick the start point of the leader arrow.

Insert second point: Pick the second point of the leader arrow.

The text is attached to the leader.

The Leader palette

The Leader annotation functions have their own tool palette, which will appear on first use, or when other related functions run. The tool palette shows the current leader style, the default style is named 'Standard'. New leader annotations will get the current style.

To set out a leader with a different format, first define a new style in Leader Annotation Setup. Afterward, you can use the palette to change the current leader style or to change the style of an existing leader.

Compatibility with previous versions

Block Leader Annotation from previous versions of NP Landscape is recognized by the program and added to the style Standard. The function must be running to recognize the old leaders when a drawing is opened. To start the function; choose the command 'Leader annotation' from the menu or toolbar and press escape. Then open the drawing.