Symbol Insertion

When starting the tool, this dialog will appear.

This tool inserts illustration symbols (AutoCAD drawing blocks).

Inserting Symbols

Symbols are inserted in two steps.

Browse and Chosen file

User can select external symbols (AutoCAD drawing files/WBLOCK) or existing block (all the block available in the active drawing file).

Selecting AutoCAD drawing file/WBLOCK

When the button 'Browse' is activated the dialog box 'Browse' will pop up where user can select the AutoCAD drawing file/WBLOCK and have a preview of the symbol.

Selecting exiting blocks

Insert from File or Block

Use this button to insert external symbols (AutoCAD drawing files/WBLOCK). The dialog box 'Insert Objects' will pop up.

Parameters such as

can be defined in this dialog box.

Main Line

Click the button to select the main line (Novapoint entity or AutoCAD entity). The selected lines 'Object ID', 'From Station' and 'To Station' values will be displayed at this field.

Offset: Elevation offset (also termed as offset from main line in the direction of Z-axis) from main line.

File Name

The select AutoCAD drawing file, which is being inserted, will be mapped at this field.

Insert Objects

Insert Multiple Objects - Multiple objects can be defined in four (4) different ways:

Related to Main Line

This option is available when single object is being inserted and not for multiple objects.

Lock Mode: Mark the desired radio button.

Specify Parameters on Screen

Mark the check box to define the parameters on command prompts while inserting the symbols.



Defining the necessary parameters, click the button 'Insert' to execute the command.


Click this button to switch back to be dialog box 'Symbol Insertion'.

Delete Objects

Deletes selected Symbol/Multiple symbols of same type/All symbols along selected main line from the drawing that were inserted using the tool 'Symbol Insertion'. 

Three different methods for deleting objects are available.

For methods 1 and 2 the symbols must have been inserted using a main line.

For method 3:

Update Objects

Updates the selected object with the changes made to the original symbol.

Edit Objects

Global changes such as changing the horizontal offset (left side or right side) of main line, elevation offset (offset in the direction of Z-axis), Rotation with reference to main line, etc., can be made easily using this option.

Note: Symbols, which are inserted with reference to a main line using 'Symbol Insertion', can only be edited with this option.

Edit Objects

This dialog box can be activated from the button 'Edit Objects' of the dialog box 'Symbol Insertion'.

Edit Mode

Three different edit modes are available: Select the desired type from the pull down menu.

Having defined all the parameter, click the button 'Edit' to execute the command.

Click the button 'Close' to switch back the dialog box 'Symbol Insertion'.