Export Generic Properties to IFC by Editing the Conversion Rule

In this example, generic properties have been added to all WS objects in a trench called "Trase2". See picture 1 below:

Picture 1: Added generic properties to WS objects in trench "Trase2"

Step 1: Check the information on your objects

View the trench (Trase2) in 3D, and press one of the objects. Check that you have the properties that you added.

Picture 2: Screenshot Quadri

Step 2: Create an "Export to IFC" task and press "Select conversion rules"

Chose one suited conversion rule (for example "WS2IFC" (Water and sewer 2 IFC)) and then press edit.

Picture 3: Selection of conversion rule "WS 2 IFC - ToReflineAndSolid"

Step 3: Edit the conversion rule

In order to export the properties that you have created, you will have to add this to the conversion rule. You can do this by these 7 steps.

Picture 4: Edit the previously chosen conversion rule

Picture 5: Zoomed picture of picture 4

Step 4: Finish the export of the IFC file 

After editing the conversion rule, you can now finish the export and save it as an IFC file on your computer.

Step 5: Open the IFC file in a 3D-viewer 

Picture 6: Screenshot Quadri