Line Calculation

Novapoint Rehab uses NADB for calculation of the horizontal alignment. NADB is an alignment calculation program, developed for "The Norwegian Road Administration". A detailed description of the program can be found in the Norwegian book "Statens vegvesen Håndbok 092".

To describe the alignment for calculation, element data and fix points are used.

Element data is

Fix points are coordinates that the element (or the extension of the element) in the line calculation must intersect. Depending on the element order, NADB requires none; one or 2 fix points per element for the line calculation to be solvable. NADB finds out when and how many fix points are needed for each element. Fix points are given with X- and Y- coordinates for the horizontal alignment.

The alignment can be edited in three different manners:

Editing the alignment can cause the line calculation to fail because it is no longer mathematically solvable. This is then indicated on the status bar (Red Calc not OK).

The result text file is opened with double-click on the field Calc OK or Calc not OK. The result file is updated for every new line calculation.