Through Conversion Rules

When building the road model the cut objects do carry attributes telling what soiltype they are related to. It is just the mapping in the conversion rule that is not already set up to handle this. Mostly this is because there is no existing attribute to put it on, but we can use 'generic property list' in this tutorial.

(When we do get this sorted, the data will still be missing on older road tasks if not upgrading the conversion rule.)

The mapping to use is the 'legacyTaggedValueList = LAYER'.

The short explanation

Map the LAYER-attribute with number 1-25 written on it to an appropriate attribute on the features.

The long explanation

There is a LAYER attribute that comes with the cut features denoting what subsurface layer it relates to. We take this attribute and map it to an appropriate attribute on the feature in the Quadri model.

1. In rules for result on the road task find the correct conversion rule for the Cut features.

2. Expand the editor by pressing 'View Attributes Conversion per Feature'.

3. Find and unused row for the 'generic property list'

4. Start mapping the data and add the necessary data for the mapping, here we have used a generic property list that we call 'Materialtype number'

5. Start a Table Summary task and split and sort the data as you would like.

Here we have:

View the results.