Adjust Chainage/Stationing

Often during the planning stage, alignment will be having alternate routes and the alternate route may need to follow the chainage of the reference alignment.

Use this function to adjust the chainage of the baseline (alignments or line/polyline/arc). Chainage can be adjusted in two ways:

The function makes changes only to the alignment in the drawing; data related to the alignment in the database is unaltered.

Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Draw Horizontal Alignment: Adjust Chainage

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Draw Horizontal Alignment > Adjust Chainage

Command prompts for:

Pick baseline:

MOUS_ICO Select the alignment or line/polyline/arc, for which chainage is to be adjusted.

The dialog Adjust Chainage will pop up and a mark (cross line) will be displayed on the alignment.

Pick Point <

To adjust the chainage, pick a point on the baseline, at which chainage is known. Define the known chainage to the active point, and click OK.

Tip: Use Object Snap Modes for accurate selection.

Get Chainage from another line <

To adjust the chainage with reference to another line, pick a point on the baseline at which the chainage is to be referred to another line. Select the other line using the button Get chainage from another line <.

The command prompts for:

Pick line to get chainage from:

MOUS_ICO Select the reference alignment and click OK. The program calculates the chainage with reference to the selected reference alignment.

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