Alignment Design

How long alignment can I make before I have to split the alignment in parts?

Answer: The Alignment Design tool and the road model calculation supports upto 2500 elements and therefore have no limitation in length.
Wheater or not you need to split your alignment vary from project to project and the level of detail on the terrain making alignments slow in the vertical window. Note that the alignment design tool can be experienced as slow depending on what tasks are used as calculation basis or illustration objects. Longer alignments will lead to slower road model calculations because of the increased amount of data.
The amount of input data to process is normally more limiting than the length of the alignment editing alignment or building the road.

Dialog crashes

Answer: There are many possible reasons for the Alignment Design dialog to crash during start-up, picking a line, in use or when drawing out. Often it is a local factor/issue on the computer that has occured that are causing the issue. It might be settings on the computer, error in Novapoint, error in the CAD-software, issues in the drawing or sometimes the lack of memory/RAM on the computer.

Everytime a crash occurs you should as minimum restart CAD if you are not forced to do it. Restart of Novapoint could also be necessary, but not always a must.

Below you will see som propositions to solve the issue you might experience. Some processes will reset settings to default so you might need to contact your IT department to get all your company setup back in order for the softwares Novapoint or CAD.

The error might be related to…

…using of the specific alignment in the drawing:

…issues with the drawing map or other XREF:

…missing files in the CAD-software:

…CAD-profile for Novapoint:

In some cases it will necessary to restore your setup according to some company profile to create these files as some customers have spesial setup for this. Contact your IT.

…visual style in CAD:

…graphics card:


If non of the solutions above work you might need to format your computer and install all again.

As a last resort you should consider if it is time to get a new machine or swap/upgrade components as your computer may not be up to the task.

But before the last steps, try contacting your Novapoint Support channel to see if they have any good thoughts related to your specific problem.

Length is set to -nan(ind) and dialog crashing

Answer: We have detected that the length column in Alignment Design may show -nan(ind) and the dialog then crashes.

This may be related to a combination of using Windows 10 version 2004 and the integrated Intel Graphics card.
Possible solutions:

Ask your IT support for help with these items.

Error 400025: Coordinate referance system is not defined

Answer: Try to restart the software or your computer.

Grip points are very big

Answer: Sometimes the grip points and numbers in the Alignment Design can be big and making it hard to see what you are working on. This is especially experienced when zooming in and making tight connections.

It can be solved by doing one of the following:

I have a problem moving my alignment without it being "NOT OK"

Answer: If you have a complex alignment or an alignment with little flexibility you can help yourself by instead making a new alignment in the area where you want to move your projects alignment. If you manage to make this new alignment OK, then it should be simpler to move your project alignment to this location.

Note:  Start and end the new alignment perfectly aligned with the project alignment. Also start and end with the same fixation as the project alignment.

How can multiple elements be moved in parallell?

Answer: Mark the alignment so it is highlighted. Select the grip points you want to move while holding down the SHIFT button on your keyboard. Now move one of the highlighted grip points and they should all be moved together.

My alignment is never "OK"

Answer: There are multiple reasons why an alignment calculation is “NOT OK”.

Undo-button not working

Answer: Did you press the “correct” undo-button? The Undo-button in Alignment Design applies only for changes in the Alignment Design dialog, while the Undo-button in AutoCAD applies only to changes in AutoCAD except those done by the Alignment Design.

Alignment Design is slow

Answer: Sometimes the Alignment Design is noticably slow. This can be experienced with very long alignments, when there is a very detailed calculation basis/illustration objects or there are many stored alternatives in the Alignment Design history.

It is also possbible to turn off Automatic Quadri Save found in the pull-down Object menu and pressing the Automatic Quadri Save. When turning this off you should also save the alignment regularly to not loose data if something suddenly doesn't wrong. More about this here.

Terrain is missing in alignment design, Why?

Answer: When tearrin profile is missing in vertical window in alignment design the cause often is an incorrect calculation basis. Finish the tool. Go to Quadrimodel and choose edit for your Alignment Task. Make sure you have selected a correct calculation basis (including Ground surface) If calculation basis is defined using feature level - make sure the object type UnspecifiedLandCoverArea is selected.

Drawing horizontal alignment into dwg-file makes AutoCAD crash! How can I get rid of this problem?

Answer: You need to reset your Novapoint User Settings. This will reset settings to default, so you might need to contact your IT department to get all your company setup back in order for the softwares Novapoint or CAD.

In alignment design it is difficult to see needed information in the background drawing. How can I make the alignment construction line “thinner”?

Answer: Go to Tools - Options and choose to change lineweight to a thinner appearance.

Is it possible to change the size of the annotation texts shown in alignment design?

Answer: Yes, if you find the annotations to large, hiding necessary information, you are able to make them smaller. The texts are depending on what Novapoint scale that is used. Go to Novapoint - Scale and set another scale factor (Ex. 1:100 if earlier used is 1:1000). Then press “Recalculate all” in Alignment design and You will see that the text strings will take a smaller place.