Plan view drawings with multiple colors on plan symbols

There may be different reasons for wanting to get other colors of the symbols on a plan view drawing - for example, to show that the drill holes are from different sources.

By utilizing the function to draw everything “ByLayer” can accomplish this.

Colors “ByLayer” available from Version 15.1.

Colours - Drawing

Under settings, there is now a new choice - “Color selection - Drawing”. Here you can select whether the drawings - in general - should be drawn with GeoSuite colors or that everything should be drawn with color “ByLayer”. The latter is for you yourself to be able to determine the color layers in AutoCAD.

With this setting a plan view drawing look like the figure below (black&white) : 

Set the layer colors

After you have created the drawing, you can control the layer colors from AutoCAD dialog box “Layer”. One can here individually for each layer put the color you want: