Draw Grid Lines

The function draws a coordinate grid (the axes) on the map for the desired section of the map and allows you to control the details of the grid layout. You decide the location of the grid by picking the corner points. The X-axis is drawn vertically, and the Y-axis is drawn horizontally in relation to the map.

Note: AutoCAD's coordinate system is mathematical, with horizontal X and vertical Y. This is handled automatically by all Novapoint's functions, but AutoCAD's own indent and List-functions will write mathematic X as geographical Y, and mathematical Y as geographical X, i.e., X must be read as Y and Y must be read as X. In practice, this will not be a problem, on the basis of the numerical values it is easy to separate between X and Y coordinates in a known area.

Run the function from:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Not available from the Toolbar

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Drawing Layouts > Draw Grid Lines

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Not available from the command line

The dialog box Grid setup will pop up.

Grid size [m]

Here you can control the grid spacing. The value is given in meters. The example in the dialog box displays 100m for both the horizontal and vertical values. The grid is then drawn every hundred meters on the map. You will have to fill in the values for both horizontal and vertical distance, but it is possible to use separate values for the X- and Y-direction.

Text interval

This table controls the label interval of the coordinates on the grid. If the numbers for the horizontal value and the vertical value is 1, coordinates will be written on each line of the grid. If the numerical value is 2, coordinates will be written on every second line of the grid, etc.

Text prefix

This table controls the prefix of the Text interval, so you get f.ex. an X and a Y in front of the coordinates.


The dialog box Fonts for the selection of another font or font size.


Here you can set the color that is to be used by the drawing of the grid, coordinate cross, and frame. By clicking in this box, AutoCAD's standard dialog box for the color option will appear.

Layer name

Here it is possible to select layer names for font, grid, and frame. Type the layer name in the edit box or select an existing one from the list under the button.



If this is set active a frame is drawn around the area for the grid drawing. If the box is blank, a frame will not be drawn.

Title box

If this is set active you will be able to mark the top left corner of the title box during the drawing of the grid. Then, grid lines will not be drawn, and coordinates will not be added where the title box overlays the grid. If the box is blank, you will not be asked to point at the upper left corner of the title box during the drawing of the grid.


If this is set active, continuous grid lines will be drawn.

Coord. cross

If this option is set active, a coordinate cross will only be drawn during grid drawing. When Coord cross is set to active, the box for size is also active. The Size [m] indicates the length of the lines in the coordinate cross. The value is given in meters.

Draw grid

If you have selected Draw grid, the command prompts for:

Pick the lower-left corner: Specify point.

Pick the lower-right corner: Specify point.

Pick the upper-right corner: Specify point.

Pick the upper-left corner of the title box: Specify point. (If you have chosen that.)

Here you can also use regular AutoCAD Object Snap functions to pick points in the drawing.