Here we may create a grid of calculation points. This is especially of interest for the schematic description of the noise situation in an area, e.g., for noise contour lines. The grid of points is limited by a polygon.

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise > Calculation points > Grid


MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise > Calculation points > Dialog box > Grid


nco: Select a calculation point

MOUS_ICO Popup menu: Grid


See Identity.


See Heights.

Distance between

Rotation angle

The grid may be rotated to lie e.g. “along” the road. If the grid is rotated this way, this will lead to smoother noise contour lines.

Base point

Base point is a reference point for the grid. If the base point is inside the polygon, there will always be created a calculation point in the base point. This may be used for coordinating several grids. E.g. if we want to expand an already defined grid, we may draw another polygon around where we want to expand and then select one of the points in the existing grid as the base point. Use the AutoCAD function Object Snap to get the exact point. The grid will then be adjusted to be an extension of the old grid.

Boundary polygon

A polygon must be defined to limit the grid.


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