Novapoint Road Sign

Novapoint Road Sign is a useful tool for all that users producing plans for road signs on new or existing roads. Novapoint Road Sign is available in two separate modules, Standard and Professional.

Novapoint Road Sign Standard 

Includes functionality to making plan drawings for road signs for standard signs. It has functionality for making tables listing all signs in the plan in a structured table.

Novapoint Road Sign Professional 

Includes all the functionality of Standard in addition to functionality for making smaller or larger directional signs. It also includes functionality for making 3D signs with foundation, post or mast and the sign with a textured face. This data can be visualized in Quadri together with the collaborative project.

The help ystem for Novapoint Road Sign is part of the installation and can be accessed by pressing the Help-button on the Novapoint Road Sign ribbon in the CAD software.