Selection Filter

A selection filter is a simple and quick way of selecting objects. For example, one can select all blocks with the same block name, by pointing at one of the blocks. These will be placed in AutoCAD's “previous” selection, which means that one can start an editing function at a later point (i.e., ERASE) and write P (for previous) on the question about “select object”. All the blocks will then be deleted, even if, just pointed at one of them.

In a similar way, one can make selections based on type, color, layer, line type, block name, text style, and thickness. One can either type SSX on the command line to create a “previous” selection set, or type (SSX) as the answer to any “Select objects” command. Activate the toolbar from the menu location mentioned below.

Run the tool from:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tools > Selection filter.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Not available from the menu

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Type SSX and Return

Command prompts for:

Select object/<None>: Pick the object or press RETURN to get to the next question

If an object is selected, command prompts for:

Block name/Color/Entity/Flag/LAyer/LType/Pick/Style/Thickness/Vector: Select the desired option

For each criterion selected, the command prompts for: Color number to add/?/<RETURN to remove>: Select what is necessary for the selected object type. Press RETURN and return to the following options.

Block name/Color/Entity/Flag/LAyer/LType/Pick/Style/Thickness/Vector: Now one can select a new selection criterion or press RETURN to start the search.

AutoCAD will then list the number of objects that have been found. Then you choose what to do with the objects.

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