The intervals defined here will be used for gathering the terrain cross-sections and for building the road model.

Tip: Sight analysis will be calculated based on these intervals.

In addition to these user-defined calculation intervals the roadmodel will add sections where there are:

Calculation interval

Here it is possible to define upto what last chainage you should use a specific calculation interval.

Tip: Adding excessive amounts of sections will slow down calculation speed both for gathering data, calculating model and produce the 3D results.

Intermediate Chainage

If there is a need to build specific chainages, the chainages can be added in this list.

Result accuracy

Increased number of sections in curves

In areas where the road model reference line has curvature in the horizontal geometry, then extra sections will be build within a sagitta of 1mm (minimum 1m step-length) measured along the horizontal alignment.

These extra sections can be turned off with this checkbox.

Calculate cross-section in breakpoints from alignments as surface edges

For every element change in Alignments used as surface edges the model will build a new road cross-section.

These extra sections can be turned off with this checkbox. The model will then only build cross-sections based on road descripton and changes in the ref.alignment.

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