Longitudinal Profile (old)


This function can be used to draw a longitudinal profile. To get more options when drawing the longitudinal profile, go here.


The function can be run from the following location:


Step 1: Start the function.

Step 2: Select trench from dialogue and press OK.

Step 3: Program prompts for:

Specify insertion point:

Step 4: Program prompts for:

Include breaklines in terrain calculation? [No/Yes] <Yes>:

Step 5: Program prompts for:

Start station (Start point - Endpoint) <0.00>:

Step 6: Program prompts for:

End station (Start point - Endpoint) <Last selected>:

Step 7: Program prompts for:

Minimum elevation (terrain: min = 22,55, max = 25.06) <20.00>:

Step 8: The longitudinal profile will be drawn