Edit Point Elevations

Use this tool to adjust the elevations of selected point elevations and all connected slope arrows will update instantly. The value given by the user is added to the elevations of all the points in the selection set.

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Terrain > Elevation tools > Edit point elevations

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Elevation tools – Edit point elevations

Working procedure

Start the function and the command prompts:

Select one or more point elevations to adjust:

Select one, several or all (by window, for instance) point elevations and press 'Enter'.

The command prompts:

Enter a value to adjust point elevations by:

Type the value that shall be added to current elevations and press 'Enter'.It is possible to enter positive (increases the height) or negative value (decreases the height.)

Tip: It is also possible to use the mouse wheel to roll up/down the elevations instead of typing in a numeric value.

About point elevations in Novapoint Terrain

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