Tunnel Profile Library

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Profile > Profile Library

This is the dialog where you can edit your tunnel profile library files. A tunnel profile library file is an XML file containing different inner profiles. You can use these profiles when defining an inner profile for your tunnel.

A profile library file is shipped with the Novapoint installation and is placed in the \Tunnel\Template directory in the Novapoint installation directory.

You can either create a new tunnel profile library file or open an existing library file by using the new file and open file tool buttons:

To make a new profile in the library file, click on the New button. To edit a profile in the library file, you must first select a profile in the list and then click on the Edit button.

To delete a profile in the library file, you must select a profile in the list and click on the Delete button.

The selected cross-section in the list is shown in the cross-section viewer to the right in the dialog. The tool buttons above the cross-section viewer are similar to the tool buttons for the cross-section viewer in the Define Tunnel Geometry dialog.

The actual chainage number for where the tunnel profile is shown is written below the cross-section view. A dummy road profile is used if no relevant road profile is found.

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