Point Elevations

Use this option to define the elevations manually.

When the option is activated using the button 'Point Elevation <', 

Command prompts for:

Pick a point for the elevation:

Select the point on the 2D entity, at which elevation is being assigned. Select text with elevation: Select the text entity having the elevation value. The program reads if the text is in the form +/- elevation value, e.g., 565.125, -515.325, +418.290, etc. The text can have a suffix. The program does not read other formats of text. If text is not available to select, click 'Enter' so that the elevation can be assigned at the command prompt.

Height <0.00>:

Enter the numeric value for elevation with the appropriate sign (+/-) and confirm with the key 'Return'.

Pick a point for elevation:

Select the next point, for which elevation is to be assigned or exit the command prompt using the right button of the mouse or the key 'Return'

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