How to do Coordinate Transformation of a WS Task

This is the steps  on how to  do a coordinate transformation of a WS - task.

Example: WS-task created in a Quadri model with coordinatsystem NTM10. This is the steps to transform to UTM32 and continue work with the WS task in the new coordinatesystem.
PS! this require NP2022.7 or newer version.

First export and transformation:
1.Open Quadri model with coordinate system NTM10
2. Create an Export task, and choose everything in the model. Choose Quadrimodel as fileformat
3. Press “change coordinatesytem” and choose UTM32
4. choose conversionrule “_Standard Quadri”
5. Press OK and complete export

Secondly open the transformed Quadri model
1. Open Quadri and open the exported Quadri model
2. Check that the new model has the correct coordinate system
3. Open the WS-task in autocad. 

Check the coordinates of the original WS task, and the new to confirm it has been transformed.