Draw Fill Areas

This function fills areas with color, i.e. solid. You can either pick objects that are to be colored or select a layer from the layer list. By using the last option all closed areas (polygons) in this layer are filled with color.

This function also has an option for closing polygons automatically before the coloring is initialized.

Run the function from:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Not available from the Toolbar

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Tools > Draw Fill Areas

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Not available from the command line

Command prompts for:

Object selection method; Select Objects/Layers <Layers>: Choose a method for selecting areas that are to be colored. O to Select Objects, and L to select a color in Layers. Confirm your choice by RETURN to continue.

If you select O for Select Objects, command prompts for:

Select objects: Select objects to fill with SOLID HATCH. Pick the objects you want to color and press RETURN.

If you have selected L for Layer, a dialog displaying all the layers in the drawing will appear. Here you select the layers where the function is to find polygons for coloring. Use the option Close all Polylines and LWPolylines before the coloring is initialized.