Going from Civil Drawing to Trimble Drawing

With the release of Novapoint 2023.4 we also changed the name of Civil Drawing to Trimble Drawing.

The latest release of Civil Drawing 2023 was version 4520.

The first version of Trimble Drawing 2023 is also version 4520, and so it has no other changes than the name and logo change.

NOTE: If you have not used Novapoint with Civil Drawing before, you don't need to read this page, just install Novapoint 2023.4 TDr and Trimble Drawing and start working.

Installation and first startup procedures

Installing Novapoint 2023.4 TDr

Novapoint 2023.4 TDr is a version compatible with Trimble Drawing 2023. In the installation process you will notice that it first uninstalls your Novapoint 2023.x CDr (compatible with Civil Drawing 2023), before making the new installation of Novapoint 2023.4 (TDr).

Since we have to install everything from scratch you will notice that the installation is a full installation of just under 2GB.

Uninstalling Civil Drawing 2023

Before installing Trimble Drawing 2023 you should uninstall any installations that you have of Civil Drawing 2023.

This must be done manually.

Installing Trimble Drawing 2023

Install Trimble Drawing 2023 like any other installations.

It will start up Trimble Drawing after it has finished. 

NOTE: Any profiles and settings that you had from Civil Drawing are not transfered to Trimble Drawing.

Starting up Novapoint 2023.4 with Trimble Drawing 2023 for the first time

Before starting Novapoint:

If it doesn't help and you see the message below, then run Reset User Settings 2023 (TDr) before running the startup settings again.

You can now start working on Novapoint with Trimble Drawing.