Product Library


Here you can choose products and position 3D-models from a range of suppliers. The Product Library is only available in Norway.


You can find the product library in the Novapoint ribbon.


To use the Product Library you must choose the library you would like to use, download it and choose path (for further information see Install the Novapoint Product Library). When this is done, click Product Library and the function will start.

In the product library you can choose between suppliers and their product. To place products into the project:

Product library window

Card index

Here you can browse between all the available products. Updates comes regularly with new products, so we recommend to follow our newsletter so that you stay up to date on future updates.

Illustration window

In the illustration window you can preview the part.


Use insert whenever you want to place a new object into the project.

Use replace whenever you want to replace a object with a new object.


Filter out product. Write an attribute to only see desired product. For example, “concrete” to only get products made of concrete.

Reset filter

Will reset the filter


Assemble objects by choosing existing node.

Right tabs

Her you can choose between different suppliers.

Information table

Her you can find information about the products. To get more information about the product you can click on Product sheet