Features Sent to Conversion Rule

The features produced through the road model calculations are processed in the task according to the conversion rule. To be able to set up the conversion rule correctly we need to first know what data is produced.

By pressing Control + Shift + F12 inside Quadri we will start the Quadri.log-file that is tracking all transactions in the background. This file is also available in the %TEMP%/Trimble/ folder.

By looking through the file we will find content like:

Creating feature with attributes [LAYER, 0][VIPSSURFACENO, -1.01][VIPSSURFACENAME, NP21-roadmodel | -1.01 | V. Kjørefelt][ATTRSURFACENO, -1000100][VIPSSURFACEGROUP, ][TYPEID, V. Kjørefelt][TASKNAME, NP21-roadmodel][MEDIUM, 0][PROCESSHISTORY, Produced by Novapoint - Road][PHASE, ENUM:119115][RAILWAYSURFACETYPE, ][RAILWAYSLEEPERRIGHTSIDE, ]

What this tells us is that the road model has produced a surface with the following information:

Table 1: This is what the the Quadri.log-file tells us about the produced surface

Below this line we will find what kind of geometry type the feature is:

Feature created id -3 type 1 (LegacySurface)

From this information, the conversion rule will be able to map different parts of the information into features and attributes in the Quadri model. Below is an example of mapping of the roadsurface above to a TrafficLane featuretype:

Figure 1: An example of mapping of the roadsurface to a TrafficLane featuretype

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