Change Line to Kerb/Curb Line

The function design curbstones and draw the same along the selected line. The curbstones are drawn with three or four continuous lines depending on the parameter defined in the dialog. The center line of the curbstone is defined by a separate line type to illustrate the curbstone pattern. When you create these curbstones, information about type and dimension will automatically be added, so that information about quantities can be extracted at a later point. The function presupposes that you have drawn a line where the curbstone will be located. This line will be kept after the creation of the curbstone line.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Curbs and Pavement > Change Line to Curb Line

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Curbs and Pavement: Change Line to Curb Line

The dialog box 'curbstone' will pop up. The dialog box enables you to select the desired type of curbstone to be drawn.

Pick a line, arc, or polyline:

Pick the line along which curbstones are to be designed. Pick the first line if the baseline consists of several continuous lines. Continue selecting all the baselines and finish with the key Return.

Initiation is OK (2 elements)

If the option Draw: Left/Right is activated command prompts for the direction. If the option Centric is chosen the following prompt is not available.

Define right/left side by pointing :

Pick the side to which curbstones are to be located.

Object menu (NCO) on the curbstone

The curbstone is always drawn in 1:1, but the drawing is affected by the Drawing Scale and LTSCALE. If the scale in the drawing is changed, LTSCALE is also changed and this will affect the drawing of the curbstone. The consequence will be that the curbstone is incorrectly drawn. Object menu (NCO) can be used to oversteer this so that the AutoCAD Variable CELTSCALE is adjusted in relation to LTSCALE, thus curbstone will be drawn correctly. Further, you can trim, move and erase the curbstone lines by Object menu (NCO). The description of the curbstones can be adjusted as well. The 'Object menu (NCO)'-menu will pop up.