On top of the road surfaces (except carriageway and shoulder surfaces), sod (grass, turf, topsoil, plastering fill, etc.,) surfaces can be laid out.

Run the function from the following location of the floating window Road Model:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Not available from Toolbar

MOUS_ICO Menu: Data > Cut and Fill Elements > Sodding

This function can also be activated from the Cross-sections viewer provided; a sodding surface already exists in the active cross-section of the viewer.

The dialog box Sodding to Road Surfaces will pop up.


Sodding surfaces can be defined on a section basis. Define the section using the columns From and To. The section descriptions will be sorted on the profile in ascending order.

Material thickness

All road surfaces defined in the road model except the carriageway and shoulder surfaces can be used for sodding.


Use this button to execute the function.

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