Road Model in Geosuite

How to use an existing road model in Geosuite Profiles.

Create a connection between Quadri for Windows and Geosuite

In order for Geosuite and Novapoint to be able to download and deliver data, a connection must be established between the current Geosuite project and the Quadri model.

Step one is to configure Geosuite to use Quadri as a source for models.

Given that this is in place:

Note that we have chosen to “Download data from Novapoint”.

6. Geosuite now asks if the already started AutoCAD process is to be used. It is necessary to respond positively to this.

7. Geosuite now creates the ordered profiles in AutoCAD, but since we have chosen to retrieve data from Quadri, it first comes up with a choice of which activity you want to retrieve data from:

We choose the road model's activity: VAGM01.

8. If we now ordered profiles where the road model has its calculated profiles, selected parts of the road model's data will be displayed in the Geosuite profile:

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