Configure Geosuite for AutoCAD/Civil3D (15.2)

Trimble Novapoint Geosuite Toolbox supports AutoCAD/Civil3D 2017, but for the moment this is not supported by the installation program. (up to version 15.2.2)

To use these Autodesk products in Geosuite Toolbox You have to perform a manual configuration.

Before we start - check the properties for the shortcut You will use to start AutoCAD/Civil3D. Look for the path and filename to start AutoCAD/Civil3D - compare the picture below…

After installation of Geosuite Toolbox - perform tha manual configuration by following these steps:

Shortcut to AutoCAD/Civil3D:

“C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2017\acad.exe”

Shortcut to GeoSuite: