Wrong Distance between Pipes when Adjusting the Trace


When moving nodes in a trace there can be problems with the initially designed distance between pipes.  In this example, a node has been moved. The distance between pipes is no longer accurate as defined in the configuration (200 mm between each pipe).

Picture 1: Observe that the distance between the pipes after the node is no longer accurate.


Right-click on the section that has been changed and press Change to line.

Picture 2: Right click on the relevant section and press Change to line

The section will then be updated to the correct configuration. See how the pipes below are adjusted. In the next step, you need to adjust the connection. In this case, adjust the connection for the water pipe and for the sewer pipe.

Picture 3: Observe the changes

After optimizing the connection placement, make sure you connect both pipes to the connection point and run a calculation.

Picture 4: Screenshot CAD-software