New Point Elevations - Reference

The function 'New point elevations – reference' calculates the height for a new point elevation based on the distance from the reference point and the current slope. More points can be set out, with the first point as a reference, until the function is terminated by pressing Enter. By using different options at any time at the command line, it is possible to:

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Terrain > Elevation tools > New point elevations – reference

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Elevation tools:New point elevations – reference

Working procedure

When the function is started, the command prompts:

Specify basepoint or [Pick Height]:

Pick the position of the new point elevation in the drawing, alternatively press ´P` and select an existing point elevation.:

Then the command prompts:

Enter height <0.0000>:

Type z-value, press <enter>

The first point elevation is now defined, by moving the cursor you will see the next point elevation and distance change in real-time, based on the set slope.

The command prompts:

Specify next point [Pick height/Elevation/SLope/Distance/Height&slope]:

Pick a position for the next point elevation, or change the settings by the following

Tip: The next point elevation is automatically set at a lower level according to the slope (the slope arrow is pointing away from a reference point.) Switch direction by pressing Ctrl-button during set out - the next point elevation will then instead be placed at a higher level according to the slope.

About point elevations in Novapoint Terrain