Set Object Elevation

Use this tool to define elevations to the selected objects with respect to terrain elevations.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Terrain design > Move object to active terrain model surface

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: > Terrain design > Move object to active terrain model surface

 Elevations are assigned at the break points (i.e., a straight line is given the calculated elevation at its end points and a polyline receives the calculated heights at every vertex).

To create additional break points to the entity, use the function 3D line The dialog box 'Set Object Elevation' will pop up.

TMOD Project

The active database (Digital Terrain Model) being used to read the elevations of the terrain surface is displayed at this field.

Group number

Use this button to administrate the setting for groups.

Feature code

Use this button to administrate the settings for feature codes.

Adjustment to terrain – Plane surface

All the break points are given the same elevation.

Adjustment to terrain – Follows the terrain

The object will be modified such that it follows the terrain surface.

The object raises (m)

Use this option to define the vertical offset for the object with respect to the terrain elevations.

Having defined all the parameters, click 'OK' to select the objects. Command prompts for:

Select objects:

Select all the objects and finish with the right button of the mouse or the key 'Return'.

The selected objects will be assigned elevations. The objects will be converted to 3D entities.

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