The gradient calculated as we read the road to Novapoint Noise appears in this dialog box. 

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise > Roads and railroads > Gradient


MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise > Roads and railroads > Dialog box

MOUS_ICO Select exactly one road from the list

MOUS_ICO Dialog box: Gradients


nco: Select a road (defined in Novapoint Noise)

MOUS_ICO Popup menu: Gradient

We have the opportunity to edit the calculated gradient here. The gradient is positive uphill and negative downhill. If the calculated gradient exceeds 150‰ the following message appears on the screen: “A gradient of <max. value>‰ along the road was calculated. Please check gradient data manually!”

For the Nordic Calculation method, the gradient contribution to the noise is unrelated to the sign of the gradient. That means the contribution is the same downhill as uphill.

The identity of the selected road is shown below the dialog box header. The list in the dialog box displays gradient data for the different sections.

Object handling

Window handling


Gradient data calculated from the terrain model may be changed here. From and To profile and Gradient for each segment may be entered. The data is registered by clicking Update list. The data is not valid until added to the list.


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