Deep Blasting

The dialog can be started from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Novapoint Roadtask > Design > Model > Detailed Pavement

MOUS_ICO Cross-section Viewer > Right-click on pavement surfaces > Detailed Pavement

MOUS_ICO Road Modeler > Data > Detailed Pavement

…then select the Deep Blasting surface from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side.

Use this function to apply deep blasting lower than the pavement description.

In deep blasting, the rock is drilled and blasted to a level, which is situated below the final formation level (the roadbed edge).

In Road Design, rock-cutting fill is differentiated from deep blasting fill. Rock-cutting fills are materials, which are removed across the designed road surfaces, whereas deep blasting materials are materials below the level of the roadbed between the bases of the right and left drainage ditches.

The description is used in the same way as the Detailed Pavement, but with a few differences:



When applying the different data for the deep blasting please refer to Detailed Pavement for more information.

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