Novapoint Water & Sewer

Novapoint Water and Sewer is a CAD-based program for constructing pipelines and manholes for all types of water and sewer projects. The program is easy to use and includes all necessary functions for configuration, construction, calculations, drawings, reports and also includes a cross-section viewer. With the configuration function, the user is able to configure all of the details of a Water and Sewer project. For instance type of pipes used, manholes or other connections, materials, dimensions of pipes and manholes, rules for plan and profile drawings with line type, color and line thickness. In addition, the user configures cross sections of the trench with types of pipes and where the pipe is placed in the trench. All construction is done simultaneously in plan and profile.

The Water & Sewer pages are divided into four main categories:

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Topics for this Module

Getting Started

WS Task in Quadri

Configuration file



Export to SOSI

Export to KOF

Export to LandXML

Export to InfraModel

Manhole Report Road Chainage

Product Library

Tips & Tutorials

WS in Quadri

Add Classification and Export to IFC

Add Generic Properties to WS Objects in Quadri

Export Generic Properties to IFC by Editing the Conversion Rule

Use of Propertyset Editor for WS

Create a PSET and Publish it to a Quadri Project

Back Up Your WS Task

Export WS to GML

Make a Collection of WS Projects

Transfer Basic Map to a CAD Program

Open an Existing Configuration

View the WS Model in 3D

Import SOSI File with WS Data

Fix Missing Z-Values when Importing SOSI-file

Import KOF File with WS Data

Export WS to IFC and Upload to Trimble Connect

When to Use Illustration Objects

Create a Conversion Rule

How and When to Show Illustration Objects

Change Color on Pipes and Manholes

Import SOSI with Unknown Objecttype

Open an Older Project


See Angles in Connections and Vertex

Draw 3D Solids with stakeout data

Combine two trenches

Rearrange pipe order in longitudinal drawing

Edit the text information in plan view

Change the text in WS Plan View

Product Library

Install the Novapoint Product Library

Cut 3D Pipes

Extend 3D Pipes

Support & FAQ

Contact Support

WS in Quadri

Import SOSI File Does Not Work


Delete or Change Name on Trenches

Help Lines are not Shown in the Vertical Drawing

Manhole ID is not in a Longitudinal Profile

Z-value is Missing on Connections in a Vertical Drawing

Cannot see the Entire Design or Configuration Dialogue

Wrong Distance between Pipes when Adjusting the Trace

Z-values is Missing in a Longitudinal Profile

 FATAL ERROR Occurs in the WS Calculation

Manhole Symbol is Missing in the WS Plan View

Product Library

Scale Issue

Position Numbers are Only 00 (zero)

Download Product Library Does Not Work

Objects Disappear when Inserted into Layout

Missing Products from Supplier/Wrong Geometry or Attribute

Product View is Grey/Unable to Insert Product

Cannot Find an Existing Supplier in the Product Library

Cannot Find a Specific Part in the Product Library







Pipe materials


Connector materials



Save as












Cross Sections and Quantity

Collision Analysis

Remove Collision Annotations

Manhole Report with Road Chainage/Stationing

View Cross Section

Check Manhole


Plan WS

Plan Cable

Drawing Editor

Draw Trench

Longitudinal Profile

Draw Multiple Longitudinal Profile

Split Long Section from WS Drawing

Crossing Pipes to Longitudinal Profile

Pipe Connections to Longitudinal Profile

Existing Pipe Connections to Longitudinal Profile

Ditch Preview

Cross Section

Manhole Sketch - Detailed

Draw Pipes in Cross Section for Road

Manhole Sketch

Manhole Card

Check Manhole Cards

Longitudinal Profile (old)

Cross Section (old)

Draw Frames along Centerline

Generate Multiple Sheets

Multiple Grid

Plan and Profile

Evaluation Tools

Slope Surface

Slope Arrows

Get Elevation from Quadri

Get Elevation from Drawing


Show 3D Model

Draw 3D Pipes/Manholes 3D from WS Model

Erase 3D Pipes/Manholes 3D from Drawing

Draw 3D Object Along an Alignment

Draw 3D Cable Conduits with Mould

Move a Drawing Object to a Given Level - using Information from the Quadri

Manhole Generator with Blockout

Select Class Code File




Configuration in Plan

Cable and WS Plan Style

Long Section Style Editor


Product Library

Product Library Properties

Position Number and Bill of Materials (BOM)

Algorithmic Modelling of Pipes

Cut 3D Pipes

Manhole Coring

Cut Straight

Sectional View from 3D Drawing

Shortcut Menus





Ditch Bottom