Design Base

This is the dialog where you define the design base for your tunnel. The design base is the base that you are planning to build. This base does not need to be the same base as the theoretical base. The theoretical base always follows the roadbed.

First, you must specify the name and the stationing/chainage interval for the design base. The name is just for making it easy to recognize the design base specification later.

You can choose between three modes for the design base:

The two first are self-explanatory. If you choose the latter one, you must click in the tunnel view to pick points to define the design base. The design base is always connected to the two end points of the perimeter, so you only have to pick the points in between. You should pick points from right to left and finish the picking by clicking the right mouse button. You can do this exercise over again by clicking on the Redesign button.

The tool buttons above the design base view are explained for the Define Tunnel Profile Geometry dialog.

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