Vertical Information Along Alignment

Use this function to obtain a list of details (Chainage, Northing, Easting, Elevation, Radius, and Slope) at desired chainage of an alignment. The function lists the details at the desired chainage of the active (selected) alignment.


Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Alignment Analysis: Vertical Information along Alignment

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Alignment Analysis > Vertical Information along Alignment

Tip: This function can also be activated from the function Object Menu (NCO). By default, the selected object will be the active alignment.

Command prompts for:

Pick Quadri alignment object:

MOUS_ICO Select the alignment for which the above said details are required.

The dialog box Alignment Info will pop up, with the details of the selected alignment and the location of the cursor. A cross wire appears on the alignment which follows the mouse movements. Pick the chainage, at which the details are desired. Alternatively, key in the desired chainage in the edit field Chainage.

To select another chainage:

Mark the check box Draw Slope Value to have the slope value as well as including chainage, Northing, Easting, elevation, and radius in the text file.

Mark the check box Save mark data to file to save the details to a text file.

Mark Setup

Use this button to configure the label for Chainage, Elevation, and Slope Value. The dialog box Text Setup will pop up.

Pick Alignment

Use this button to change the active alignment. Pick the alignment from the drawing (follow command prompt).


The function inserts the label at the selected chainage. The label is a leader line with the details Chainage, Elevation, and Slope Value.

Text Setup

Configures the setup for the text. Parameters that can be configured are Text angle, Text Distance, Font, Number Format for Chainage, Number Format for Level and Representation of Slope among Ratio/Percent/Per Thousand.

Text is placed along with a leader line.

Note: Some of the options (Text angle, Slope, etc.,) may be disabled depending on the location from where the dialog Text Setup is called.

Text angle

The orientation of the leader line and the text is defined at this field.

Text Distance from arrow (m)

The offset of the text from the leader line. A positive numeric value place the text above the leader line and a negative numeric value places the text below the leader line. Enter the desired distance with the proper sign at the field Text distance from arrow (m).


The desired font for the text can be selected for the dialog box Fonts which pop up with the key Font. The dialog Fonts will pop up.

Predefined fonts can be selected from this dialog box. The dialog box can be activated from various functions of Novapoint.

Text Format

Chainage Number Definition and Level Number Definition allow you to define how the numeric values are to be written. The dialog Number Definition will pop up.

Number Definition

The number definition allows the user to define how the numeric values are to be written. The following setting can be configured.

The dialog box Number definition has three tabs, General, Splitting, and Extra text. The dialog box has a graphics area in which the parameter entities will be displayed. The parameters are updated in the graphic area simultaneously for the amendments made if any.

Show slope as

Slope can be represented in three forms, As Ratio (1:S), As Percentage, and Per Thousand. Mark the desired radio button.