Settings (for the task)

Start the task settings to change global settings for the task.

Spatial Data

In this tab, you can set the phase of the model to Designed or Existing depending on if the road task you are working on is already an existing physical road that you are recreating or a new design.

Generic Attributes

Add generic attributes to all the result objects coming out from the road task build.

Generic attributes can come in the form of:

Note: Remember to set a description connected to the generic attribute to better describe what the generic attribute is used for.

Tip: These generic attributes can be queried in the Dynamic Query dialogs or Presentation Setups based on the tags PropertyName, propertyDescription, or any of the valueXXXXX as seen in the queries. They can also be used in the conversion rules for imports and exports.

TIN Priority

To edit the order of TIN priority different than the task dependency priorities already used for the calculation basis, check the box to edit the priority list.

Tip: Road designers should generally not need to use these TIN priorities when a Quadri model's terrain and subsurface surfaces are set up correctly. Use this function with care.

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