Assumed Bedrock

This tool, in the panel “Geosuite”, may be used to insert interpreted points with attribute “B” from a selected termination code - normally “Assumed bedrock” or “StoneBoulder”.

The resulting interpreted points will be available for building a 3D model for Bedrock using the template “Rock” in the “Sub surface” tool in the “Modelling” panel.

The tool will create interpreted points with attribute “B” (Rock) for the selected “termination code”.

Create interpreted points

Note: If the model is a shared model (Quadri) - remember to reserve the Objects/Task(s) to be given as the “Selection”!

Note: Do not use this tool for termination code “Drilling into Bedrock” (Code 94 in Norwegian and 95 in Swedish geotechnical coding). These interpreted points are automatically created from Geosuite Presentation and will result in duplicate interpretations for those boreholes! It is recommended to check duplicate interpretations - these may be a result in the case of multiple methods in the same borehole or boreholes in the same position.

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