Rounding and Rock Shelf


Use this function to fine-tune the verge shapes of the cross-sections.

Run the function from the following location of the floating window Road Model:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Data > Cut and Fill Elements > Rounding and Rock Shelf

The dialog box Rounding and Rock Shelf will pop up.

Rock Shelf

After rock blasting and clearing are completed, the rock should be uncovered to a certain distance outside the theoretical top of the rock cutting. The area which is to be uncovered is called the rock shelf and is defined with a set width (B) and an additional width (BT) [proportion of cutting height (H)].

From the point at which the outermost rock-cutting surface cuts the top surface of the rock, the soil will be removed until the rock shelf requirements have been met.

The possibility of having rock shelf surfaces in the road model depends on the following:

Quantity volumes regarding additional rock shelf clearing are included in the earthwork cuttings.

Use the tab Rock Shelf of the dialog Rounding and Rock Shelf to apply the above concept.


The rock shelf can be defined on a section basis. Define the section using the columns From and To.

Width (B)

Define the width of the rock shelf.


In addition to the width, height depending on the width extension is to be defined. The rock shelf extension is defined using a factor (%), which will be multiplied by the height of the rock cutting.


Control factor for inserting rock shelf. Define the minimum height (meter). If the height of the slope is less than the defined height no rock shelf will be inserted.


Use this button to execute the function.

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