Novapoint Tools

Using any Novapoint design module enables the Novapoint menu, which contains basic functionality for module loading, drawing scale, drawing of maps, etc. in AutoCAD.

Topics for this Module

Load Module

Drawing Scale

Task Selector

Object Menu (NCO)

Drawing Presentations from Quadri

Draw Plan Presentation

Draw Long Section

Draw Cross-Sections

Terrain Information

Terrain Cross-Section - Report

Section from 3D Drawing

Draw Longitudinal Profile from Quadri

Draw Cross-Section from Quadri

Draw Contours from Grid Model

Create Contour Colored Layering from 3DFaces

Create Water Drop Line on 3DFaces

Get Point Elevations from 3DFaces


Insert Raster Image

Smooth Contours

Straighten Contours

Label 2D Contours

Label 3D Contours

Technical Maps

Technical Map Symbols

Economical Map Symbols

Map Lines

Area State

Area Use

Building and Constructions

Road Situation

Hatch Graphic Standard

Coordinate Tools

Setting Out - From Drawing

Get Edge Line from Solid

Draw Coordinate Annotation

Update Coordinate Annotation

Coordinate Tools Settings

Drawing Presentation

Insert Frame/Panel

Insert Panel Additions

Insert Scale Bar

Insert North Arrows

Insert Section Arrows

Insert Detail Markings

Draw Grid Lines

Draw Revision Cloud

Draw Fill Areas

Draw Slope Markings from Polyline

Draw Symbols to Terrain Cross-Sections

Cross-Section Layout Generator

Create Rotated View

Create Boundary Line


Calculate Area

Calculate Line Length

Update Calculation/Annotation

Quantity Table


Selection Filter

Text ISO3098

Show Blocks in Drawing

Count Blocks in Drawing

Circle to Two Arcs

Draw ASCII File

Double-Side Offset

Polyline Paintbrush

Remove XData from Line

Convert 2D Polyline to 3D Polyline

Change All Elevations to 0

Change Layer Order