Draw 3D Model

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Tunnel > Draw 3D Model

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tunnel:

This is the dialog where you can produce a 3D model of your tunnel. The 3D model will be drawn as 3D surfaces in AutoCAD.

You can choose between different configuration files by choosing a file in the Select Drawing Style dropdown list.

The tunnel Project file, the road Reference Line, and the Geometry File are collected from the setup in the Tunnel Project Settings Dialog.

The Interval defines the chainage interval for the 3D tunnel cross-section calculation. For these chainage values, the 3D model is accurately calculated. Between these chainage values, the system calculates the 3D model by linear interpolation. Cross-sections are automatically inserted where there are changes in the geometry.

The Accuracy value specifies the maximum curve height for cross-section curves. If the curve height is exceeded, the curve is divided into more 3D surface elements.

Choose which surfaces you want to draw by using the checkboxes in the Surface Selection table. You can change the color of the surfaces by clicking on the color icon in the Color column.

Choose which scanner data you want to draw by using the checkboxes in the Scanner Data table. Both scanner data points and triangulated surfaces can be chosen independently.

Click on the button in the lower-left corner if you want AutoCAD to zoom to the actual cross-section after the image is drawn.

When you click on Draw, this dialog closes and the cross-section is drawn.

Note: The 3D model is drawn at the correct location in global coordinates based on the coordinates given by the Road Model.