Road Edge: 3R2A

Use this function to design road edge curves (road edge curves at intersections, road turns, etc.,) and draw them to the current drawing.

Run the function from the following location:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Intersection Tools > Road Edge: 3R2A

Command prompts for:

Pick start edge line (turning right):

Select the start edge line for a right turn.

Pick end edge line (turning right):

Select the other road edge.

A preview of the edge line will be drawn in CAD with the default values.

Zoom/Pan/Snap/error ?/draW/Quit/<draW>:


This refers to the intersection angle (in grad) of selected edge lines.


Use this option to track the errors of the road edge-rounding object. The details will be displayed in Notepad.


The road edge line is drawn to the current CAD drawing.