Leader Annotation Setup

Leader annotation setup lets you adjust the way leaders are drawn; what information to include, the order of the information, and the appearance. You can use multiple setups by defining named styles for the leader.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Setup > Leader Annotation Setup

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Setup: Leader Annotation Setup

MOUS_ICO Palette: Leader: Leader Annotation Setup

Start the function and the dialog Leader annotation setup opens. Adjust the settings and click 'Apply' and 'Close' to change it.

Style name

The default style is named 'Standard', use only this if you need just one setup for the leaders in your drawing (skip to the next header).

The upper part of the dialog defines the style name. To make a new style click the button 'New' and enter a new name in the dialog. The style saves all the settings in the dialog, The panes in the middle, and the layout settings below. Click 'Apply' to save the changes in a style. Use the drop-down menu to change which style to edit.

Use leader styles when you need different setups for leaders in the same drawing. A leader style affects only the current drawing, thus you can have different setups in open drawings simultaneously.

Editing the Setup for the Leader Details

The panes in the middle define the content of the leader text. All possible details are listed, check the box to make a detail visible, and set the order using numbers.

Symbols and Lines

For symbols and lines, you can put a custom text detail in front of (prefix) or after (postfix) the string of text. Type the text in the 'position' column. This is useful for adding units to the text(i.e. meters or pieces). Symbols and lines have separate fields to make this easier.


When making leaders for areas, remember that the area descriptions on an area consist of two parts:

The first part appears only once, and the second part repeats for every line of plants in the area.

Note: If you mix the first and second parts by setting the order of the details, you will get unexpected results when you have more than one line of plants because fields from the first section only appear once.

For areas, you can insert a custom text or symbol after any detail by typing it in the column 'Postfix'


Leader Line Setup

The leader lines have three modes:




Text Setup

The text can be set in a line...

...or in a column.

If an area has more than one line of plants, the plant lines will stay as lines.


By default, the leader will be drawn at the Current layer. Choose the layer name from the menu to change this or type a specific name for the layer to be used.

Leader rotation

Specify the rotation of the leader text Relative to the current UCS. The leader will retain the rotation from UCS when updated. This setting is added to this value.

Decimal for line

The precision for the numeric values on the leader(number of decimals can be set here.