Define Areas to Calculate

Use this function to store the area geometry and area ID of the areas used in the function Grid volume to file.

Run the function from these locations:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Terrain > Volume Calculation > Define areas to calculate

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Terrain > Volume Calculation > Define areas to calculate

Working procedure

Select the function and a browser dialog box opens.

Type the name of the file and select a folder to save the text file.

The command prompts:

Select objects:

Select the objects (boundary lines) of the area to store. Finish with 'Enter' or 'Right-click' on mouse.

Startnumner <10>:

Type a start number. The number identifies the different boundary lines and will increase with 1 for each new boundary.

Give the distance between circle points to break arc's <2.50>:

Arcs will be generated into lines and the given distance (2.50m is the default) determines the accuracy of the transformation.

Texthight <3.5>:

Type the text height or 'Enter' to use the default (3.5).

Command: … Give return to continue to set-out number identification

Type 'Enter'/'return' or 'Right-click' on mouse. The areaID and areageometry of the selected objects will be written to the specified file. The areaID is drawn in the drawing.

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