Convert Arc to Straight Lines

Use this function to convert selected circles and 2D polylines with arcs (source objects) to a series of straight lines (more break points) and drawn as 3D polylines.

This function is also available from Novapoint tools and the modules Road, Railway, and Civil Construction.

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Terrain > Terrain Design > Convert Arc to Straight Lines

Command prompts:

Select 2D Polyline:

MOUS_ICO Pick all the source objects (circles and polylines) and confirm the selection

The dialog 'Convert Arc to Straight Lines' will pop up.

Accuracy Setting

AC Distance <

AC Distance determines the accuracy (number of straight lines, break points, and the curvature of a 3D polyline) with that of the arcs/circles in the source objects.

Elevation Setting

Use these options to define the elevation of the converted 3D polyline

Set properties from Original Object

Use this option to inherit the CAD properties of the source object to the converted 3D polyline

Note: As 2D source objects are being converted to 3D polyline, which means that the line type is not fully displayed

Delete Original 2D Polyline

Use this option to delete the source objects

Execute the function with OK / Draw

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