Draw Tunnel Cross-Sections

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Tunnel > Draw Tunnel Cross-sections

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tunnel:

In this dialog, you can automatically produce your tunnel cross-section drawings based on the tunnel geometry model you have specified.

The Current Road Model is collected from the Novapoint Project ID dialog.

You must specify the Tunnel Geometry File in this dialog. You specify the geometry file by clicking on the button marked with “…”.

You must define which chainage number you want to draw the cross-section by specifying the Chainage value.

To specify the location in the model space drawing where you want to place the cross-section image, you must click on the “…” button for Insertion Point and then click on the actual location in the drawing.

Click on the plus sign outside the Drawing Element Selection to expand the drawing selection possibilities for different drawing elements. With this functionality, you can switch on and off different drawing elements.

You can choose between two drawing styles:

Click on this button if you want AutoCAD to zoom to the actual cross-section after the image is drawn.

When you click Draw, this dialog closes and the cross-section is drawn.

Note: You must draw the cross-section with both the horizontal and the vertical scaling set to 1:25. You must use meters as the unit.

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