In the setting dialogue, you can specify a number of settings which affects how Novapoint Road Signs displays the signs on the drawing.

The different settings shown in this dialog will vary slightly for the different country configurations. But some of them are common and described below.

Layer Settings

Select the CAD Layer on which you want the signs/symbols to be drawn. The program is by default configured to draw on the layer that is active in CAD (current layer) at any given time.

Drag and Drop to CAD

"Drag & Drop" to CAD with or without questions about rotation.

Presentation Mode

Here you can select how the signs are to be presented on the plan.

Presentation mode

This function allows you to choose the presentation mode of signs that are retrieved from the sign library.

There are three different display modes:

See examples of the three display modes below:

Symbol scale

This setting is used to determine the size of the "symbol" that is inserted into the drawing.

Two possible choices:

Novapoint scale

Here, the program calculates a scaling factor which, according to chosen scale in the drawing.

Factor is calculated according to the following formula.

(1000 / Novapoint scale) * 10

(1000 / 1000)* 10 = 10

(1000 / 500)* 10 = 20

(1000 / 2000) * 10 = 5

User defined

Here the user specifies a custom scaling.

Note: The value for scaling does not affect the selected size of the sign under "Properties".

Sign Information

Here the user can enter information about how the different types of signs are presented on the drawing.

Blue Print

The signs can be displayed with CAD index color (Default) or a more colorful presentation (RGB) which will be a more accurate color reproduction