Elevations Setup

You can create styles for point elevations and slope arrows.

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Elevation tools - drawing > New point elevations setup

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: > Landscape II > New point elevations setup

Working procedure

Starting the function opens the dialogue Settings - Levelling Tools. There are two different default styles and we may add a number of our own. These styles will follow the DWG file.


Drop-down list

We start with two different default styles - “Default” and “Default - existing”. The style “Default” is the active default style and defines the appearance of point elevations and slope arrows set out in the drawing. The exception will be point elevations from the terrain model - created from the use of functions Point elevation from terrain model or Point elevations from terrain model (grid).

Create new style

We may however create new styles from our “Default”-style:

All the new styles will be found in the drop-down list and may be selected to be set to active. These styles will follow the DWG file.

“Default - existing” cannot be multiplied - change parameters directly in this style if you want another appearance for existing point elevations. This style will never interfere with ordinary point elevations.

Tip: Every point elevation belongs to the style that was active when set out. If parameters are changed inside a style - point elevations will change accordingly.

Use the 'Delete'-button to delete styles. This does not apply to “Default” or “Default - existing”

Point Elevations

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