Problems editing the road task/model

Answer: In some situations the project or road task may crash in a process. There may be many reasons for this, both inside and outside the software, but shouldn't happen regularly. After a crash or other errors the road model files may not be accessible or the user experience they cannot continue their work inside the task, being unable to edit and building the task.

You need to retreive a backup of the indata to be able to continue your work.

Here are a few methods/tips on how to get your road design back:

Get the indata parameter file

From the road task it is possible to extract a XML-indatafile, also known as the PARAM-file.

If it is successful, then reconnect all successor tasks to this new road task.

Quadri server project

First rule is to not share the problematic task to the Quadri server. Most likely the files in the cloud are still OK. Here are some options to proceed:

Local project

For local projects there are no backup in the cloud (as for Quadri Server projects). In these situation you normally have only ONE set of project files.
However, if the project files are stored on your companies network/fileserver, then:

What to do with the backup files

In normal situations, the backup files can be used to swap out existing road model files in the project (for Quadri server prosjects it is important to first ensure you have reserved the task in question!). To do this, locate the road task files on your drive and swap them out (at this point it may also be wise to make a backup of the “corrupted” files, just in case).

In few situations the task itself is problematic, and it may be necessary to make a new road task and read in the road model files through the task template “From Exiting model” for *.DMI or *.GEN.

After the road task builds OK you can continue your work.
If you made a new road task, then reconnect all task connections to the new task inside the project by editing the successors.

Note: We have done changes to avoid this problem from NP2020.FP1. That road model files that are already corrupted in previous versions will still be corrupted in NP2020.FP1 and forward.

Warning: IF you are not able to retreive backup-files, then there is probably no other alternative than to build up the road task with all its descriptions from scratch. Before doing that, check with your Novapoint support channel if they can solve the problem with your files. Pick the DMI/DMR files from the project file folder and send them over.