Combine Two Trenches

By following these 4 steps you should be able to combine two trenches:

Step 1: Make sure both traces have the profile numbers going same direction.

Picture 1: Visualization of profile numbers going in the same direction

Step 2: Right click on Node 14 and press delete.

Picture 2: Delete the nearest node

Step 3: Right click on Node 15 and press Add section. Click on node 13 to create a section between node 13 and 15.

Picture 3: Add section and click on the node where you want the section to end

You have now created a section between these two traces, and can now join them. To do this, right click on Node 13 and press Join trenches. Trenches are now combined to one trace.

Step 4: Right click on first node at profile 0 and press Renumber Trench.

Picture 4: Finish with renumbering the trench, click here if you need more information about the renumbering process